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(Games marked with "x" are suitable for kids confined to beds)

1. x Noises which break the silence

All sit in silence for one minute. At the end of that time each Cub writes down what sounds he heard. To vary the game the Cubs may draw what they think produced the sounds that they have heard.

2. x Six tastes

Prepare six bags containing cocoa, bread crumbs, cake crumbs, salt, sugar, and baking powder. Each bag must be numbered. Let the Cubs taste these and write down opposite each number what they think the bags contain.

3. x Blind man’s echo

One Cub is blindfolded. He makes the noise of an animal and points to another Cub, who must imitate him; then the blindfolded Cub guesses the name of the “echo.”

4. x The farmyard

Each Cub chooses to be a farmyard animal. At a given signal they make their noises. At the second signal they stop and each Cub writes down the noises that he heard. He scores a point for each noise correctly noted.

5. x Furnishing

Akela gives each Six a number of coloured square pieces of paper (to represent carpets) and also long pieces (to represent curtains). He then tells the Cubs that he wants them to furnish a “brown” room, “blue” room, etc., and lets them pick out curtains and carpets to match.

(Furniture, etc., may be added.)

6. x Rummage bags

Six similar articles are placed in two bags, such as a stone, safety pin, cotton reel, a button. The Cubs sit in two lines. Akela throws the bags to two Cubs and calls out an article. The one who finds it first (without looking in the bag) and holds it up scores a point.

7. x The mannequin parade

Several Cubs who are up, or the Old Wolves, dress up and walk slowly down the room. The others write down what they are wearing.

8. x Colours

Each Cub is given a heap of coloured counters. Akela calls out the names of common objects, and the first Cub to hold up the correct colour scores a point for his Six. Examples of objects are: Pillar box, policeman’s glove, rook, daffodil, raspberry, halfpenny stamp.

9. x Patterns

Each Cub is given an envelope containing paper shapes. One shape is duplicated. The first to pick out the two similar shapes wins.

10. x Tapping teaspoons

Akela taps out six nursery rhymes or well-known tunes with a teaspoon, and the Cubs write down the names of the tunes.

11. x Sounds

Akela goes behind a screen and makes a variety of sounds, such as brushing clothes, opening and shutting scissors, shutting a book, sweeping the floor. The Cubs guess what made each sound.

12. x What’s in the bag?

The Cubs in turn smell six bags containing coffee, tobacco, tea, cheese, onion, orange skin, and guess what the bags contain.

13. x The dog show

Each Cub is given a sheet of newspaper, out of which he must tear a dog. (No scissors or pencils are allowed.) Afterwards the dogs are arranged in a row and the Cubs vote as to which is the best-looking dog and also the most comical. N.B. – This game can be played with numerous variations.

14. x Counter squares

Each Cub is given a board with squares. Placed on the squares are counters in a definite pattern. The Cubs have two minutes in which to look at the pattern; then they must sweep the counters off the board and try to replace them in the pattern shown.

15. x Double words

Give each Six twenty words written on bits of paper. At the word “Go” the Cubs must sort these into pairs. As soon as a Six has finished, the Cubs put up their hands. Examples of words are: Fountain pen, mouse trap, croquet hoop, tennis ball, jungle book, pencil case, hat box, cow shed, pig sty, table cloth.

For bed cases:

The words can be written on a large sheet of paper or board and each Cub writes down the double words.

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