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(Games marked with "x" are suitable for kids confined to beds)

1. x The bird’s council

Akela places around the den pictures of birds. The birds have met in the den to decide where they will go to nest. The Cubs go round quietly (so as not to disturb the birds’ meeting) and write down the names of the birds that they know.

For bed cases:

The pictures are pinned on to a board or paper, and the birds “fly” in turn from one bed to another, and each Cub has a certain time in which to write down the names.

2. Match your leaves

Each Cub is given various leaves, and Akela then arranges round the den cards with the outlined shape of each leaf. The Cubs go round and match their leaves by the outlines and they collect the cards when a leaf is matched. The Cub with the most cards wins.

3. x Keepers and animals

The Pack is divided into two teams, each with a head keeper. The head keeper of the first team names an animal beginning with “A.” The head keeper of the second team responds with another animal beginning with “A.” They have alternate chances until one keeper fails to reply. That counts as a point against his team, and another letter is chosen. Any member of the team may whisper a name to his head keeper.

4. x Animals in the wood

Akela shows the Cub a picture of a wood or forest. Each one must write down three animals which he thinks may be found there. Afterwards the names of the animals are read out in turns and any which are the same are crossed out.

5. x Flower relay

The Pack is divided into two. Each team is given a sheet of paper and pencil. On the word “Go” the first Cub writes the name of a wild flower and passes the paper and pencil to the next Cub. Each one writes down the name of a flower and the team to finish first wins.

This game may also be played with the names of garden flowers, birds, animals, and insects.

6. x Animal guesses

Each Cub is given a piece of paper on which is drawn a small part of an animal. The Cubs are then given pencils, and they must draw the rest of the animal. Points are given for the correct animals.

7. x Nature hunt

Akela divides the Pack into two and gives one Cub in each team a bag containing such things as leaves, twigs, acorns, a bit of bark, piece of grass, etc. At the word “Go” the two Cubs feel in their bags for what Akela says (twig or leaf, etc). They must not look in the bags. The first one to hold up what is asked for scores a point for his side.

8. x Flower mixtures

Each Cub is given several flowers and leaves and is told to place together and to tie round with a piece of wool the leaf belonging to each flower.

9. x Birds

Akela tells a story in which birds are mentioned. Every time he mentions a flying bird the Cubs flap their hands like wings. At other times they must lie with arms folded.

10. x Rats and rabbits

Each Cub is given paper and pencil and Akela tells a story introducing the words “rats” and “rabbits.” When “rats” are mentioned the Cubs draw a circle on their paper, and for “rabbits” they draw a stroke. Akela counts up the correct number of strokes and circles when the story ends, and the Cubs score for their Six.

11. Froggie jump

The Cubs line up in Indian file in two teams. At the side of each one a circle is drawn. The first Cub of each team is given a tissue-paper frog, and a rolled-up newspaper. He flaps the frog from his circle to the next. Number two does likewise, and so on up the line and down again until the frog lands in number one’s circle.

12. Squirrels and nuts

The Cubs become squirrels and are divided into two groups, each with a home. Akela scatters cotton reels (nuts) over the room. On the word “Go” the squirrels come out, find a nut and carry it home to store. A squirrel may carry only one nut at a time. When all the nuts are gathered, the squirrels count how many they have in their store.

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