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Ship's Alphabet

Players are seated in a circle. Beginning anywhere in the circle the Umpire asks: - "The name of the letter?" "A," the player indicated may say. The Umpire then turns to the next player and asks: - "The name of the ship?" and immediately commences counting slowly and sternly up to 10. "Arabella" is possibly given before that number is reached. "The name of the captain?" to the next player, again commencing to count sternly towards 10. The answer may be "Ananias." "The name of the cargo?" "Apples." "The port she sailed from?" "Alamba." "The place she is bound for?" "Aden." "The next letter?" "K," and so on round the circle.

Each player as he fails to answer in time, or says something which is not applicable, moves down one place.


Blind Old Man

The players are formed up in a circle with another player (the blind old man) in the center who is blindfolded and holds a staff or walking-stick.

The players in the circle take hands and move round the "old man " On the third beat of his stick on the floor the players stand still and the "old man" points his stick.

The player at whom the stick is most nearly pointing takes hold of the other end of it and is called upon by the "old man" to imitate, in turns the noises of a donkey, cat, hen laying, baby crying, sheep, dog and duck. (The "old man" may call on the player to imitate Patrol calls.)

From the noises emerging from the boy holding the other end of the stick the "old man" identifies him If he succeeds they change places. If he is unsuccessful the game is resumed with the same "old man."

The "old man" gets three chances and then, if still unsuccessful, the Umpire nominates another "old man."


Earth, Air and Water

Players are formed up in a circle with the Umpire in the center. The Umpire suddenly points to one of the players and says - "Earth" (or air, or water) and starts counting sternly up to 10.

The player indicated must, before 10 is counted, name an animal which lives on the earth. If the player fails or says something inappropriate, he drops out of the game (or forfeits a point.)

The Umpire, pointing to another player, might next say "Water" and the player concerned must, before 10 is counted, name something which lives in the water. Similarly, if "Air" is called the player concerned must name a bird, insect or animal which flies before 10 is counted. Once anything has been stated by one of the players it cannot be repeated by another player.


Irish Schoolmaster

Players are formed in a circle and numbered consecutively. The Umpire takes his place between the first and last numbers and commences the game by saying: - "What's this I hear about number (say) 7?" and commences counting fairly quickly up to 10.

If No. 7 does not reply before 10 is counted he goes to the last place in the circle. If he is alert he says, "No, sir; not I, sir; No. (say) 2, sir."

The Umpire immediately commences counting up to 10, and if No. 2 is alert he accuses another number; if not he goes to the last place in the circle. Each time a player has been sent to the last place in the circle, the Umpire recommences with the opening formula finishing up by accusing a number.

Players retain their original numbers throughout the game, and if a player accuses the player who is at that time actually at the last

E Erg Ts,1 place in the circle (or if a player does not reply with the correct formula) he goes to the last place himself.


Message Passing Relay Race in Circle

An even number of Scouts are formed in a circle and numbered consecutively. Numbers 1 and 2 are each whispered different messages of equal length.

On the word "Go" No. 1 whispers his message to No. 3; No. 3 to No. 5, and so on round to the last odd number.

At the same time No. 2 whispers his message to the next even number in the opposite direction.

Whenever the last odd number and No. 4 receive their messages they sprint to the Umpire and deliver them. The side which finishes first with the correct message wins.

Suggested Sentences. - 

bullet Take the Auchtermuchty bus to Auchterarder.
bulletThe Cree Indians we will see at three.
bulletWhich switch is the switch, miss, for Ipswich?
bulletWe are going to advance, send reinforcements.

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