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Giant Sneeze

Players are formed up in a circle and numbered in fives. 

bullet Each No. 1 player takes TISSUE, 
bullet No. 2 A - CHEW, 
bullet No. 3. - HASH, 
bullet No. 4 - HATCHET, and 
bullet No. 5 CHEETAH.

The leader is in the center, and simultaneously with the raising of his arms all players take a loud and deep inhalation of breath (as one does preparatory to sneezing). On the dropping of his arms each player shouts the word allotted to him.

The result should be a particularly explosive sneeze.



Players are formed up in a circle and numbered in fours. 

bullet Each No. 1 player takes "Play up, Queen's" (or whoever the local favorites are); 
bullet No. 2's take "Well played, sir," 
bullet No. 3's take "Now pass," and 
bullet No. 4's a prolonged "Shoot!"

The Referee stands in the center of the circle. On a signal with his upraised right hand the No. 1 's commence re-peating - "Play up Queen's."

On a similar signal the No. 2's join in with their slogan, slightly louder. On a similar signal the No. 3's join in louder still.

Then the No. 4's at the pitch of their voices, the others, as loudly as possible, shouting anything appropriate to an exciting football match.

Whenever the Referee raises both arms above his head there is instantaneous silence. After a pause of two seconds the Referee gives a short toot on his whistle, whereupon all the players, at the pitch of their voices, shout a prolonged "GOAL."

NOTE: - The words and syllables in italics are those on which emphasis should be put.



This item is exactly the same as "A Goal" up to the point where the Referee gives a short toot on his whistle.

Instead of yelling "Goal" the players give vent to a staccato and eager "A" followed by a protracted and disappointed "00-00-00H.""


Draw a Face as I Do

Players are seated in a circle. The Umpire says to the player on his right, "Draw a face as I do," and then, with the index finger of his left hand draws a face as in sketch. (The outline clockwise; right eye; left eye; nose downwards; mouth right to left.)

Each player in turn attempts the feat and at the conclusion of his effort the Umpire says "Right" or "Wrong" as the case may be. The game is continued round and round the circle until everyone has got it correct.

The chief mistake usually made is that some players, paying so much attention to the order of placing the eyes, etc., do not realize that the figure is drawn with the left hand


Giants and Dwarfs

When not carried on too long this makes an excellent physical development game.

The players march round the room and on the order "GIANTS" they march on tip-toe attempting to touch the ceiling with their finger tips.

On the command "DWARFS" the hands are lowered to the shoulders, the players assume an almost sitting position, and they march round thus until the command "STEADY" is given when they march normally until the command "Giants" or "Dwarfs" is given again.


Pat and his Pig

For two players.

Three parallel chalk lines are drawn on the floor: - a center line, a line 5 feet on one side of it and a line 10 feet on the other side.

The "Pig" takes up his position along the center line with his hands on the floor. "Pat" grasps the "Pig" by the ankles and on the word "Go" tries to force the "Pig" to the 10 feet line while the "Pig," as pigs are alleged to do, tries to go in the opposite direction to the 5 feet line.

"Pat" may neither cross nor twist the "Pig's" ankles.

This game should not be continued too long as it is very strenuous, particularly for the "Pig."

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