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Players seated in a circle each with pencil and sheet of paper. Each player in turn asks a question, which must be a sensible one requiring a short answer. The player asking a question must know the correct answer himself. Each player writes down what he considers is the correct answer to each question. The player with the most correct answers wins.

Sample Questions: - 

bullet "Who is the world's richest man?"
bullet"Who wrote Dr. Marigold?"
bullet"In what direction does the Queen's head face on a shilling?" 
bullet "Where is Nairobi?"
bullet"Who was the last Prime Minister?"
bullet"What is the 4th Scout Law?"
bullet"Have fish teeth?"


Court of Buns and Coffee

Ceremonial and Rules for the Conduct of the Meetings of the Most Honorable Court of Buns and Coffee

There shall be elected a Most Worshipful Master, a Worthy President, the remaining members being Worthy Brethren.

The M.W.M. shall take his seat at the head of the Court, the W.P. opposite to him, the W.B.'s occupying the remainder of the seats.

When all are assembled, the M.W.M. shall say in stern voice, "I declare the Court open."

Whereupon the members thereof shall seat themselves with due decorum, their arms folded upon the bosom.

Should a W.B. espy another W.B. behaving himself in a manner unseemly, he shall rise to his feet and address himself to the M.W.M. in manner following, to wit: - "Watch; hand over the dido." Upon which the M.W.M. will hand to him the dido, saying - "I hand over the dido, Worthy Brother." The W.B. receiving same shall say to the M.W.M. - "I receive the dido, M.W.M., to punish the Worthy Brother So-and-so, for (Here state the misdemeanor) in the Court of Buns and Coffee. What shall his punishment be?"

Then shall the M.W.M. taking into account the heinousness of the offence, pronounce sentence; as, for instance, "Two on the right Flipper"; "One on each Flipper;" "Three on the right Flipper, Severe."

Then shall the W.B. in possession of the dido say to the Offender "Right (or Left) Flipper to the front." And the same being done shall administer due punishment.

Nota Bene: - Should the Offender offer resistance or otherwise refuse to take the punishment, the W.B. may if he thinks fit and proper exclaim "Assistance"; whereupon the W.B.'s immediately on the right and left of the Offender shall seize him and hold him in such position as shall render it possible for the punishment to be administered. The same having been done, the W.B. shall turn to the M.W.M. and shall say unto him, at the same time proffering the dido: - "I return the dido, Most Worshipful Master," and the M.W.M. receiving the dido shall say unto him - "I receive the dido, Worthy Brother." The W.B. shall then return to his seat, and fold his arms upon his bosom in manner seemly. On the conclusion of the business, the M.W.M. shall say - "I declare the Court Closed."


Man Who Lost His Memory

On a table are laid out a few articles and each Patrol, in turn, is taken up to the table and told a tale something after the following: -

"A man was put off a train at Glasgow and handed over to the police on a charge of having travelled beyond the place for which he had purchased a ticket (Manchester to Carstairs). in

"On arresting him the policeman discovered that the man had lost his memory and they are endeavoring to find out who he is.

"The articles laid out on this table were all that were found in his possession.

"Each Patrol will be allowed three minutes to examine the articles and will then retire until they are asked to come forward to state all that they can ascertain about the man "

The winners are, of course, the Patrol which brings forward the most reasonable and valuable deductions.

Suitable articles might be: - 

bullet A comb, nail file and toothpick (denoting careful and cleanly habits) - 
bullet a handkerchief with a laundrymark (for ascertaining who he is) - 
bullet a few coins of small value (denoting poverty or robbery) - 
bullet a used bus ticket (where he is likely to have been recently) - 
bullet a railway diary with a page folded down, or penciled, say at Ayr - (where he lived or travelled frequently to). 
bullet A few pencils and a fountain pen (indicating probable occupation).

At the end the Umpire should sum up and give his deductions.

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