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Unedited Manuscript

Players are seated in a circle, in tailor fashion.

The Scoutmaster says something like the following: -

"I don't suppose you fellows know that I am a bit of an author?"

"Well I am! Indeed, I have here a story which I have written and I intend to read a part of the first chapter to you to see if you like it."

"The manuscript has not been revised in any way so it is quite possible that errors may have crept in here and there."

"If anybody spots a mistake he will spring to his feet. He will then be called upon to state what the mistake is. If correct, he counts a mark to his Patrol; if wrong, his Patrol scores a minus mark."

"Mr. (Jones) will be the Umpire and will decide who rises first."

Sample Story

This yarn concerns one, John Smith, a Boy Scout.

One spring evening John was out tracking on a lonely stretch of seashore when he was pounced upon by Pirates who dragged him, struggling, to their cave.

The Pirate Chief had poor *Jim dragged before him and demanded to know his name so that he could hold him to ransom.

Although he was mercilessly beaten by the *Smugglers he refused to give his name or his address, but, remembering his 7th Scout Law, he just *smiled and whistled.

John was only a Tenderfoot but he determined to escape.

He was a mass of bruises from ill-treatment which he had received, but, as he had been studying hard to pass his *Ambulance Badge, he was able, after a fashion, to treat his hurts.

John sat on the floor of the *hut for hours trying to think out a plan of escape but he was too closely guarded, and soon he would stop his restless *pacing up and down the cave and would fall into a troubled sleep.

The Pirates fed him on seagulls' eggs which were to be found in abundance on the steep rock faces at the seashore.

At last, at midnight, on a pitch dark night his chance to escape arrived. The guard fell asleep and *Jim stealthily sneaked past the prostrate form into the open.

On leaving the dark cave he blundered along in the brilliant glare of the *full moon.

He had been a prisoner for *five days and nights and was weary and sore but struggled cautiously on.

The *November night was bitterly cold etc., etc.

(Errors are marked *.)


My Patrol Leader Went to Camp

Players are formed up in a circle. The first player commences by saying: - "My P. L. went to camp and packed his bag . In it he put (some thing)," and intimates what that something was.

The next player then repeats "My P. L. went to camp, etc.," puts in the article mentioned by the first player and then adds another himself, and so on round the circle, each player in turn repeating, in the correct order, all the articles put into the bag and adding another.

Whenever a player gets an article in the wrong order, or cannot remember the next article within one minute, he is out of the game and the next player carries on.

The game is continued round and round the circle until only the winner is left.


John, Jack, Jim and Joe

Players are seated in a circle, the Umpire in an armchair (if available). The Umpire is called the "Teacher."

The four players on his left are respectively - "John," "Jack," "Jim" and "Joe."

The fifth player on his left is No. 1, the next No. 2 and so on round the circle, the last player (he on the "Teacher's" right), being the "Dunce."

During the course of the game, no matter where the "Teacher" is seated, he continues to be the Umpire.

The game is commenced by the "Teacher" saying - "Teacher to (say) No. 3." No. 3 must immediately make reply, such as - "No. 3 to (say) `Jack'." "Jack" might then say - "Jack to (say) No. 8" - and No. 8 might respond - "No. 8 to Teacher" - and so on.

Whenever a player fails to respond at once, or if the wrong player replies, or if a player calls his own number or a number that does not exist in the game he goes to the "Dunce's" seat and everybody who was seated beneath him moves up and immediately takes up his new number or name.

The "Teacher" is equally liable to lose his place with any other player. The aim of the game is to get into the "Teacher's" chair and to stay there.

The "Teacher" always recommences the game after each failure.

Once the players have received their original names or numbers they are not again renumbered but are responsible for picking up their new names or numbers each time for themselves.

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