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1. Object:  The object of the Otter Section is to provide an organization for young boys and girls where they can take part in suitable activities appropriate to their age and development prior to entering the Timber Wolf Section.

2. Name or Title:  The Section will be known as an Otter Pack. This will be divided into Dens, a Den being the equivalent of a Six or Patrol. A senior Otter is appointed a Den Leader and he or she may pick an Assistant Den Leader. The Section will be an integral part of the Group and will be known by the Group title.

3. Age Limits:  Boys and Girls are eligible to join this Section when they have reached their fifth birthday. They transfer to the Timber Wolf Pack when they reach their eighth birthday, or after seven and a half years of age at the discretion of the Otter Leader.

4. Registration:  As members of the Registration of a Group with an Otter Pack should include the number of Otters and details of Scout Officers in the same way that other Sections are included. Registration is held the Second Tuesday in September.

5. Uniform:  The philosophy of the Association is that the uniform should not involve the parents in any unnecessary expense. As members of the Group, Otters will wear the Group neckerchief.

The complete uniform is as follows: Red sweatshirt with a red baseball cap. A red t-shirt may be worn during warm weather. Dark colored trousers will be worn.

6. Meetings:  It is recommended that the Pack Council should be held at regular intervals. This is an informal body consisting of the Pack Scouters and the Pack Leader to discuss and plan Pack programming and activities.

Pack meetings should be arranged to suit the younger age group and should normally not be later than early evening. It may be found that after-school meetings are more suitable than evening meetings. Meetings should normally last no longer than an hour and a half.

7. Representation:  The Pack is represented on the Group Council by the Pack Scouters. The Group Council is a meeting of all registered Scouters in the Group. The Group Council is Chaired by the Group Scouter (GSM). The Group Council is responsible for the operation of the Group. The Group Committee is responsible ONLY for the raising of funds and other logistical support.

8. Finance:  Weekly dues may be levied on the individual Otter. This should be determined by the Otter Leader and approved by the GSM. The weekly amount should keep in mind local conditions and expenses. The monies should be properly accounted for and banked in the Section Bank Account. The money is to be spent solely for the benefit of the Otter Pack.

 9. Insurance:  Otters and their leaders, Instructors and persons helping are insured for Public Liability purposes, by virtue of the Annual Registration Fee paid by each registered member, in September of each year. Any claim, or incident, which may give rise to a claim, should be notified in writing to the GSM so that they may inform the Association Insurance Representative without delay.

10. Co-operation between Sections:  The Otter Pack cannot exist in isolation as it is, or should be, a Section of a Group. There must be contact with the Timber Wolf Pack as it is to that Section that the Otter will eventually go. Knowing other Scouters and members from other Sections will help the Otter to understand that he/she is a member of a family in Scouting. The Jumping Otter Badge will help to forge the link between Otter and Timber Wolves.

11. Co-operation with other Organizations:  Joint activities with children of comparable ages in other organizations such as Sparks, Beavers, or Church Youth Groups. We all live in a world outside Scouting as well as with those inside it. As our aim is to make our Youth more reliable and take a useful place in society we must participate in outside activities.

12. Church Parades:  Otters should be encouraged to participate in St. George's Day Service, Founders Day, Remembrance Day Parade and special services for Scouting, but it should always be remembered that parents have their say in this and their wishes should be respected.

13. Programs:  The program of activities should be appropriate to the 5 to 7 year olds and should avoid anything which may by part of the Timber Wolf Training Program - except for the requirements of the Jumping Otter Badge. As well as outdoor activities the program should consist of, amongst other things, games with a purpose to promote character building and self-reliance, a sense of duty to others, fun and interest in the outdoors.

14. Leaders:  Try to avoid, wherever possible, the use of Akelas or other Section Leaders as Otter Leaders. Use may be made of Rovers, Senior Explorers, and Explorers of at least 2nd Class standard. Use of Guides and Rangers is permitted, with the approval of the appropriate Guider or Commissioner. The minimum age for appointment to the rank of Otter Leader or Assistant Otter Leaders is 18 years of age.

15. Training Restrictions:  Where a Otter Pack is part of a Seafarer or Air Explorer Group, Otters must receive only the ordinary Otter training. The designation and uniform of the Otters must be the same as for other Otters and no form of sea or air training may be given.

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