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Article I - Name, Headquarters, Insignia.   

bullet a. The name of this Association shall be American Federation of Independent Scouts.   
bullet b. The name shall be abbreviated as A.F.I.S., or AFIS.   
bullet c. The Association shall have its Headquarters in the home city of record of the presiding President.   
bullet d. The Association is part of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (W.F.I.S.) - North America Regional Council, and the world wide W.F.I.S. family.   
bullet e. This Association, and all affiliated associations, shall wear the W.F.I.S. Zulu shield badge.       

Article II - Membership.   

bullet a. Membership is open to all independent traditional Scouting associations, branches, and individuals that follow the original programs, principles, and ethics as outlined in "Scouting for Boys" by Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (B-P).   
bullet b. Member Association's programs must meet Traditional Scouting Standards, as approved by the Federation Council. B-Pís original program may be modernized for health, safety, first-aid, and environmental reasons only.   
bullet c. Member Associations must provide the Federation Council with a copy of their program handbooks and P.O.& R., before their membership can be approved by the Council.       

Article III - Aims and Purpose.   

bullet a. To unify and strengthen Independent Scouting in the United States of America, it's territories and possessions, and elsewhere.   
bullet b. To enable members of A.F.I.S. to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to Scouting, and to present their individual and common interests or concerns before the Federation Council.   
bullet c. To provide support and resources for all Scouts, regardless of world association membership, as requested.       

Article IV - Meetings.   

bullet Section 1 Federation Council.   The Federation Council shall meet annually at the call of the president, or at the call of two member associations of the Federation Council.   
bullet Section 2 Special Meetings.   
bullet a. Special meetings of the Federation Council may be held at the call of the President or upon written request to the Federation Council from two federation association representatives.   
bullet b. Business to come before special meetings must be stated in the call, which shall be sent to each Federation Council member.   
bullet Section 3 Minutes.   Written minutes shall be kept of all Association meetings.       

Article V - Voting.  

bulleta. The Association has a quorum if at least 50% of its members entitled to vote are present, either in person or electronically. If there is no quorum a new meeting must be set up within a two (2) week period.   
bullet b. The Association shall adopt its resolutions with a simple majority of votes cast.   
bullet c. Only those members on the membership list, as of the date an election is called, will be eligible to vote in that election.   
bullet d. Each member association will have only one vote on the Federation Council.   
bullete. Federation Council Officers such as Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Qurtermaster, etc., shall have no vote on the Federation Council, they will cast their vote through their parent associations.   
bullet f. The President of the Federation Council may only cast a vote in the case of a tie. The President must vote for the good of the Federation, not their parent association.       

Article VI - Powers of the Federation Council.   

bullet The Federation Council shall be responsible for the management of the A.F.I.S., approve all expenditures, carry out policies established by the Federation Council, report its transactions to the entire membership, and make decisions binding the A.F.I.S. in these matters The Federation Council may delegate its power to negotiate to another committee or representative.       

Article VII - Federation Council Membership.   

bullet Each member association shall appoint two representatives to the Federation Council.       

Article VIII - Standing Committees.   

bullet Section 1 Structure.   
bullet a. There shall be five standing committees (Leave No Trace Camping Standards, Wood Beads Training Standards, Program Development, Quartermaster (QM) Supplies and Resources, and Youth and Risk Protection), carrying out the specific function outlined below. Each committee may, with the approval of the Federation Council, organize special sub-committees and task forces for special activities from the membership of the A.F.I.S.   
bullet b. Establishment of new standing committees, and dissolution of existing committees, constitutes a modification to the bylaws as outlined in Article XI.   
bullet Section 2 Meetings.   
bullet Each standing committee shall meet regularly according to a calendar developed by the Federation Council and may hold special meetings at the call of the chairman.   
bullet Section 3 Reports.   
bullet Each committee Chairmen shall report as necessary to the Federation Council and shall prepare an annual written report summarizing objectives, actions taken, gains, and unreached goals, which the Federation Council shall distribute to the membership and which shall become a part of the continuing committee record in the A.F.I.S. files.   
bullet Section 4 Titles and Duties.   
bullet a. Committee on Leave No Trace Camping Standards shall explore and prepare programs as necessary in all areas of education in this field, and shall as a group, or if desired, as sub-committees, negotiate with other like minded associations in preparing training packages.   
bullet b. Committee on Wood Beads Training Standards shall explore, prepare and maintain programs for training leaders for all sections to both Wood Beads I & II standard. This committee shall also develop training packages for training trainers.   
bullet c. Committee on Program Development shall be responsible for ensuring there is no deviation from the Founders original programs. The Committee shall allow for modernization of First Aid standards, health standards, and monitor developments in modern environmental and camping concerns. This committee shall also organize and run state and national jamborees, and camporees.   
bullet d. Committee for QM Supplies and Resources shall be responsible for finding suppliers of uniforms, badges (metal & cloth), and hats. This committee shall also seek out any resource that may be of use to section Scouters.   
bullet e. Committee on Youth and Risk Protection shall be responsible for Youth Protection Guidelines, including initial screening of adult volunteers; behavior standards to establish commonsense barriers to abuse; and training programs, including educational materials appropriate for adult volunteers and youth members. This committee shall also provide specific information on how to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.       

Article IX - Special Committees.   

bullet Each year the Federation President may appoint special committees as may be necessary or desirable and shall discharge these committees upon completion of their duties. These committees shall operate according to the rules approved by the Federation Council.       

Article X - Authority.   

bullet Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for the A.F.I.S. on all questions not covered in Bylaws and such standing rules as the Federation Council may adopt.       

Article XI - Amendment.   

bullet These bylaws may be amended by a 75% majority at any regular meeting of the Federation Council provided that proposed amendments have been previously studied by the Federation Council and that copies have been sent to all association representatives two calendar weeks in advance of the meeting.       

Article XII - Suspension of Federation Membership.   

bullet a. According to procedures adopted by the Federation Council, membership in the Federation may be suspended if any association member has violated the ethics of the Federation or the Scouting Movement. Association members who fail to follow the original, traditional programs of the Founder may also be suspended.   
bullet b. An association that is suspended may contact the Federation Council, and request that they be allowed to appeal this decision.       

Article XIII - Terms and Succession.   

bullet a. The officers shall serve for two years beginning September 1st and ending August 31st two years hence, and may be re-elected without an intervening term. No officer may serve more than two concurrent terms without a break of one term in between.   
bullet b. Should the office of President become vacant between elections, the V.P. will take over the office of President until the completion of the term.       

Article XIV - Duties of Officers.   

bullet Section 1 President.   The office of President shall not be an elected position. The Chief Commissioners of the member associations or their appointee shall fill this position, in turn, for a period of 12 months at a time. The president shall be the presiding officer of the A.F.I.S. and shall:   
bullet a. Preside at all meetings of A.F.I.S., of the Federation Council, and of all special/emergency meetings for which no chairperson has been previously designated to preside.   
bullet b. Prepare a definite agenda for each meeting.   
bullet c. Call special meetings.   
bullet d. Assume responsibility of leadership for the A.F.I.S.   
bullet e. Coordinate and direct commissions and committees of A.F.I.S.  
bulletf. Perform such duties as may pertain to his/her office provided elsewhere in the Constitution, Bylaws, or standing rules.   
bullet g. Be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.   
bullet h. Appoint a Webmaster.     
bullet Section 2 Vice-President.   The vice-president shall assume the duties of the president during the president's absence and shall:   
bullet a. Assist the president in the administration of the activities of A.F.I.S.   
bulletb. Perform such duties as may properly pertain to the office, carrying out administrative functions that may be assigned to the president or that may fall to this office as a result of structural and organizational changes within A.F.I.S.   
bullet c. Perform such other duties as may properly pertain to this office or as may be provided elsewhere in the Constitution, Bylaws, or standing rules.   
bullet d. Attend all Federation Council meetings.   
bullete. The vice-president shall be next in line for the presidency of the Federation Council.     
bullet Section 3 Secretary.   The secretary shall:   
bulleta. Keep the minutes of all meetings, including record of members present.   
bullet b. Provide copies of the minutes of the previous meeting to members of the Federation Council by the next meeting.   
bullet c. Carry on the correspondence necessary to the organization.   
bullet d. Perform such other duties as may properly pertain to this office or as may be provided elsewhere in the Constitution, Bylaws, or standing rules.     
bullet Section 4 Treasurer.   The treasurer shall:   
bullet a. Receive and disburse all money(s) of A.F.I.S.   
bulletb. Maintain permanent financial records as custodian of all funds of A.F.I.S.   
bulletc. Prepare financial and budget reports for each Federation Council meeting.   
bullet d. Perform such other duties as may properly pertain to this office or as may be provided elsewhere in the Constitution, Bylaws, or standing rules.   
bullete. Ensure that suffient annual liability insurance coverage is purchased.   
bullet f. Appoint an Auditor to audit the Federations accounts, which shall be presented at the Federations Annual General Meeting (AGM).       

Article XV - Winding Up.   

bullet In the event of winding up the Federation, after payment of all Creditors,   
bullet a. All assets shall be given to charitable bone fide youth organizations.   
bulletb. All records to be deposited with the National Archives and Records Administration.   
bullet c. The rights to the title of the association shall be given to the World Federation of Independent Scouts, and that they are requested to publicize the fact that A.F.I.S. has wound up, to prevent the use of the title by any individual or organization.    






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