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Making The Shirts
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By Geoff O'Callaghan

shirt05.jpg (9892 bytes)
Making the Scout Shirt. To start with, a length of fabric, the same length as the shirt and twice the width, is folded into 4 lengthways. This is done very neatly so that the front and back panels can be cut simultaneously. 


shirt06.jpg (7939 bytes)
The collar cut is between 4cm and 6cm according to size. The shoulder is cut away at an angle of about 15degrees. The side is slit to the bottom at the fold. This should make two panels, one for the front, and one for the back. 


shirt07.jpg (4119 bytes)
The armhole is cut using a template. The cut is about 4cm deep and varies across the diagonal according to the size of the shirt. 


shirt08.jpg (4707 bytes)
The bottom of the shirt can be rounded off to make 2 tails with the front of the shirt shorter than the back, or it may be left square for the moment, as has been done here. 


shirt09.jpg (7755 bytes)
The pocket is cut with a wedge-shaped top that sandwiches over the flat rectangular panel. There are other ways of doing the patch pocket.   


 shirt10.jpg (7662 bytes)
When finished, the sides and bottom of the patch pocket should be ironed to the back for sewing onto the shirt front later.  


shirt11.jpg (8972 bytes)
Next, we cut some strips from the fabric. These will be used for making plackets, cuffs, and the collar.   


shirt12.jpg (15496 bytes)
The strips should be ironed flat so they can be folded and used easily. 


shirt13.jpg (10458 bytes)
To make placket and button strips, fold the edges of the strips to the centre and iron thoroughly.      


shirt14.jpg (13735 bytes)
 Fold it in and iron thoroughly to make the narrow button strip and the placket strip.   


shirt15.jpg (9407 bytes)
For the collar, turn the edges of the strip in about 1 cm and iron flat. 


shirt16.jpg (9729 bytes)
This wider strip is used for the collar and the two cuffs. Check that it is of constant width.    


shirt17.jpg (12274 bytes)
The two cuffs are cut, leaving enough strip for the collar strip. 


shirt18.jpg (7791 bytes)
Separate the front panel from the back. Cut the collar deeper (Think of a football shape). This will allow the collar to sit lower on the front of the shirt, or else it will appear to be too high on the throat. 


shirt19.jpg (7015 bytes)
The front panel of the shirt should look like this. Cut a slit from the base of the collar about 12 inches, or 30cm. 


shirt20.jpg (9187 bytes)
This makes the slit for the front placket. On the shirt, it should be just above the navel.


shirt21.jpg (10119 bytes)
When the shirt is folded out and laid out flat, the basic design can be seen. It is not necessary to make a special cut at the base of the slit. The placket front is actually easier to make than a polo front. 


 shirt22.jpg (11201 bytes)
Cut a piece of the narrow strip to length for the button strip.


shirt23.jpg (10607 bytes)
Then a slightly longer piece of the strip for the front button hole strip. This will be the placket. 


shirt24.jpg (10843 bytes)
Make sure the button strip is placed neatly along the slit. 


shirt25.jpg (9273 bytes)
Once the button strip is in place, the placket strip is lined up so that it covers the button strip exactly. A small slit is cut in line with the slit on the front panel of the shirt. 


shirt26.jpg (9871 bytes)
Cut out a segment of the inner folds on the placket strip to reduce the amount of fabric that has to be sewn when the placket is fitted. 


shirt27.jpg (9649 bytes)
Slide the front placket into place over the button strip. It is folded up at the base and ironed flat. 


shirt28.jpg (8472 bytes)
The front placket is sewn down the closed fold about 1/6th in. The placket is sewn into place on the shirt.     


shirt29.jpg (11352 bytes)


shirt30.jpg (9026 bytes)
The pocket is then placed onto the front panel of the shirt and pinned into place. 


shirt31.jpg (10334 bytes)
To recap - first sew in the button strip 


shirt32.jpg (12035 bytes)
Sew down the fold of the placket front as this sewn line cannot be done once the placket is sewn in place on the shirt. 


shirt33.jpg (10656 bytes)
Place the placket strip correctly in place. Sew it about 1/6th of the way in to give a good line of cotton stitches. This helps give the placket a well tailored appearance. 


shirt34.jpg (11113 bytes)
At the bottom of the placket strip, make sure to pull the button strip out of the way. 


shirt35.jpg (10794 bytes)
Keep the front panel tight to prevent unwanted folds. Make sure the end of the placket lines up straight. You don't want odd curves at this stage. 


shirt36.jpg (11697 bytes)
Now sew along the base of the placket.  


shirt37.jpg (11525 bytes)
Sew up as far as the end of the slit. This can be marked with a pin. Sew past the pin to make a nice border on the "foot" of the placket. 


shirt38.jpg (13093 bytes)
Position the placket strip ready for the first stitch across the placket. This will make a very strong base to the placket foot. It this is not sewn properly, it may tear later on. 


shirt39.jpg (13355 bytes)
Continue sewing around the placket foot, making a nice "frame". You will have to sew over a line of stitches, but this is OK. The top of the placket foot has 2 lines of stitching. 


shirt40.jpg (9055 bytes)
The placket is now stitched firmly into place above the button strip. Notice how smooth it is. No awkward folds and the whole assembly lies flat.   

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