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3rd547.gif (51252 bytes)Handbook for Scoutmasters illustration for chapter on Troop Meetings:  Scoutmaster in foreground looks on as some Scouts practice signaling, while others practice knots.  Everyone is wearing a Campaign Hat inside.



C5th125.gif (18329 bytes)Same illustration as above, but the hats are painstakingly redrawn to show everyone wearing the "new-style" Field Caps indoors during Skills Instruction in a Troop meeting.



C4tha307.gif (18154 bytes)Drawing of a boy joining a Troop.  All of the Scouts are wearing Campaign Hats indoors.




C5th305.gif (17683 bytes)Same drawing redrawn to show everyone wearing the "new-style" Field Caps indoors during a Troop meeting.




5th39.gif (18417 bytes)Drawing of Scouts wearing Field Caps during a church service.



C3rd391.gif (222741 bytes)Photo of Scouts wearing Campaign Hats inside a church while doing a "Good Turn."




C2nd027.gif (265239 bytes)Scouts wearing Campaign Hats indoors during a Patrol Meeting.



C_2nd037.gif (10120 bytes)Scouter wearing a Campaign Hat indoors while subjecting a boy to a "school lecture" on patriotism.



C_2nd113.gif (15091 bytes)Scout and Scouter wearing Campaign Hats indoors during tedious signal drill, caption reads "Which is the 'Real Stuff'?".



C_2nd042.gif (11515 bytes)Same as above, learning knots.  Caption reads "By Rote, By Rope."



C_2nd107.gif (12807 bytes)First Aid, as above.  Caption reads, "Seeing -- Doing.   Which is Better?"



C_2nd097.gif (11784 bytes)Compass Skills, as above (no hats indoors, but included as part of the series on training-by-doing).



C2nd045.gif (293035 bytes)Scouts in Campaign Hats, "Swearing in a Recruit."



C3rd1097.gif (49761 bytes)Some Scouts wearing Campaign Hats indoors at summer camp.




C3rd1015.gif (40249 bytes)Scoutmaster with a Scout wearing Campaign Hats indoors during First Aid instruction.




C3rd105.gif (30129 bytes)A Lone Scout wearing a Campaign Hat inside a barn while meeting with his Counselor.




C3rd291.gif (44611 bytes)Photo of a Cross-Over ceremony with everyone wearing Scout hats.




C3rd337.gif (39621 bytes)Sea Scouts wearing sailor caps during a meeting.




C3rd381.gif (60593 bytes)Photograph of a Scout attaching a "mom pin" to his mother.





C3rd487.gif (65604 bytes)A banker buying a million dollars worth of War Bonds during the Great Depression.  At that time, a million dollars was a lot of money!




C3rd417.gif (64581 bytes)Cub receiving his Tenderfoot award (similar to the Scout "rank" today).





C3rd563.gif (250901 bytes)A Troop practicing Scout Drill while wearing Campaign Hats.




C3rd967.gif (138988 bytes)Scout with an advancement chart.






C4th315.gif (256507 bytes)Investiture Ceremony, Scouts and Scoutmaster are wearing Campaign Hats.




C5th313.gif (232742 bytes)Same photo as above, re-shot with same models just to show "new" Field Caps.




C4tha029.gif (260911 bytes)Scout hats were also worn outdoors!




C5th029.gif (163388 bytes)A photograph of Scouts wearing Scout hats indoors was substituted for the above photo in the next edition of the Scoutmaster's Handbook.  Note that the caption is the same.



C4tha143.gif (266779 bytes)Opening ceremony with everyone wearing Campaign Hats.




C5th143.gif (274165 bytes)Opening ceremony with everyone wearing Field Caps.




C4th349.gif (62569 bytes)Scout wears Campaign Hat during his Eagle Ceremony




C5th349.gif (198142 bytes)This photo replaced the above photo in later printings of the same edition.




C5th81.gif (220197 bytes)Scout wearing a hat inside his home with his parents.




5th23.gif (28752 bytes)Scouts visiting a friend in the hospital, one wears a Scout hat.




5th36.gif (21171 bytes)Scout depositing money in a bank.




C3rd1131.gif (346985 bytes)BSA Founder, Dan Beard, talks with Scouts by the fireside.






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