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Explaination of Abbreviations
I. General Principles
II. General Organization
III. Warrants
IV. County Organisation
V. District Organisation
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56.        Warrants are issued by I.H.Q. at its discretion, to Scouters of the following ranks:--

Commissioners (C.C., A.C.C., D.C.C., Ak.L. , D.C. , A.D.C.)

District Scouters (D.C.M., D.S.M., D.R.S.L.).

Group Scouters (G.S.M., C.M., S.M., R.S.L., A.C.M., A.S.M., A.R.S.L.).


57.        Warrants are not issued for:--

(1.)       Honorary Rank conferred by the C.C. under Rule 97 (5) or by D.C. and L.A. under Rule 165.

(2.)      Non-executive ranks:--

Appointed by the C.C. and County Scout Council under Rules 111& 115.

County Treasurer           

County Secretary           

Appointed by the D.C. and L.A. under Rules 155-163

L.A. Chairman

L.A. Treasurer

L.A. Secretary





Lady Worker

Certificates of appointment for local use in such cases may be obtained if desired from I.H.Q. (Equipment Dept.) on payment.


58.        Ladies, whilst eligible for Non-executive ranks, may only be recommended for warrants in connection with the Cub section of the Movement, except in exceptional circumstances, and particularly as provided in Rules 170 and 232.


59.        A person may not hold more than two warrants, and/or other ranks, unless he has the time and ability to carry out satisfactorily the duties involved and in every case subject to the approval of al L.As. and D.Cs. concerned, where the appointments are in different L.As., and in addition, of the C.Cs. where more than one County is affected.



60.        Warrants are valid only as made out:--

Specified in the Warrant.

C.C., A.C.C., D/\.C.C., and Ak.L., -- for the County

D.C. and A.D.C.                         --for the District

District Scouters                                    --for the L.A.

Group Scouters                         --for the Group


61.    Warrants are valid for the following periods:--

Commissioners - until 30th September next but one after the date of issue,

District Scouters - until 31st December next but one after the date of issue,

Group Scouters - unlimited,

But in every case a warrant becomes ceases to be effective on the holder discontinuing, or failing to perform, the duties for which it was issued.



62.   Warrants for the rank of C.C. are dealt with by I.H.Q. and no application is necessary.

Other Commissioners

63.    Applications for warrants for other ranks of Commissioners are made to I.H.Q. by the C.C. who will in all cases observe the precautions laid down in Rules 72-73



64.    Applications for warrants for District Scouters and Group Scouters must in the first place be nominated to the L.A. and D.C. jointly in accordance with the procedure set out in the following rules.


65.    Applications for warrants as District Scouters and Group Scouters must in the first place be nominated to the L.A. by a member of the L.A. , or some other person of repute, who, in either case, knows the applicant personally and can vouch for his character and general suitability.

Nomination - Controlled Groups

66.   In the case of applications for Scouters of controlled Groups as in Rules 179-180, nomination must be by the Controlling Authority.

Nomination - Information of D.C.

67.    The L.A. must immediately inform the D.C. of any nomination.

Probation of Group Scouters

68.    Applicant s for warrants as Group Scouters must serve a probationary period of three months in the actual rank for which the warrant is desired.

Duty of L.A.

69.   The L.A. must satisfy itself in every case that the applicant is fully fitted by character and previous history to be entrusted with the care of the boys, and has, in particular:--

(1.)     The necessary qualifications required by the rule relating to the rank in question.

(2.)      A full appreciation of the religious and moral aim underlying the scheme of Scouting.

(3.)     Personal standing and character such as will ensure a good moral influence and sufficient steadfastness of purpose to carry out the work with energy and perseverance.

70.   In the case of a Group Scouter, other than G.S.M.., the L.A. must ascertain that the G.S.M., the L.A. must ascertain that the G.S.M. approves the recommendation for a warrant.

Duty of D.C.

71.   The D.C. must in every case satisfy himself independently of the L.A. that the applicant is qualified and suitable as in Rules 69-70and that the foregoing procedure is properly observed.

Special Precautions

60.        In view of the responsibility to parents and of the dangers which have been found to exist, L.As. and D.Cs. must take every precaution to ensure that no one whose moral character is open in any way to suspicion should be admitted into the Movement, and they must show no false mercy in any case where such a person has gained admission.

61.        In all cases, careful inquiry must be made with regard to the applicant's previous Scout service, if any, and, where a person's antecedents are not fully known, the L.A. or D.C. must consult I.H.Q. before even probationary service is permitted.

Form G

62.        When both L.A. and D.C. are satisfied, recommendation is made to I.H.Q., on Form G, which must be signed by the nominator, the L.A. Secretary, and the D.C., and sent to I.H.Q. by the L.A. Secretary, and the D.C., and sent to I.H.Q. by the L.A. Secretary either direct or, if it be the rule in the County, through the County Secretary.


63.        Where recommendation is refused on the ground that the person is undesirable or unfit to have charge of boys, a report must be sent by the L.A. Secretary to I.H.Q. through the C.C.


Method and Occasions

64.        Warrants are cancelled by I.H.Q. at its discretion, as follows:--

(1.)     C.C. - at the sole discretion of I.H.Q.

(2.)     Other Commissioners - on the recommendation of the C.C.

(3.)       District and Group Scouters - on the recommendation of the D.C. and L.A. , made after a meeting of the L.A. or its Executive Committee, at which the Scouter concerned is entitled to be heard.

(4.)       All ranks - on the warrant ceasing to be effective under Rules 60-61, or by resolution of the Committee of the Council under Rule 27.

Controlled Groups

65.        In the case of a controlled Group, the controlling Authority is entitled to be heard by the L.A. and D.C. in any matter concerning the cancellation of a warrant of any Scouter of the Group.

Return to Holder

66.        After cancellation, a warrant may be returned to the holder by I.H.Q. at its discretion, provided his service has been satisfactory.



79.        (i)     Where it appears desirable in the interest of the Movement, the  

                  Holder of a warrant may be suspended as follows:--

C.Cs. - by I.H.Q.

Commissioners - by the C.C.

District or Group Scouters - by the D.C. or L.A.    

(ii)      Suspension of all Scouters in a L.A. area or of all Scouters of a Group respectively may result from suspension of the L.A. under Rule 135, or of the Group respectively may result from suspension of the L.A. under Rule 135, or of the Group under Rule 190.


80.    A person thus suspended must, for the time being, surrender his warrant in accordance with Rule 86, must refrain from participation in any activity connected with the Movement, and must not wear the uniform or badges.  Any rank or appointment held in the Movement by such a person is to be considered vacant for the time being.  Any case of difficulty arising from this rule should be referred to I.H.Q.

Report of Suspension

81.        A C.C. who has suspended any Commissioner in his County must   immediately report the case with full details to I.H.Q.

82.        A D.C. who has suspended any District or Group Scouter under Rule 79   (i) in his district must immediately inform the L.A. and the L.A. must similarly inform the D.C. of any such action it has taken in its area.


83.        Suspension by the D.C. or L.A. under Rule 79 (i) must be followed as soon as possible by a full enquiry by the D.C. and L.A. jointly.  The person suspended (and in the case of controlled Groups, the Controlling Authority) must be informed of the meeting and given an opportunity to be heard.


84.        Suspension is to be regarded as a purely temporary measure.  After such enquiry as may be required under P.O.R., the suspension must be withdrawn, or a recommendation for the cancellation of the warrant with a full report must be forwarded to I.H.Q. by, or through, the C.C., as the case may be.


Property of I.H.Q.

85.        All warrants remain the property of I.H.Q. and must be returned to the Secretary at any time on demand without his being called upon to state any reason.

County and L.A. procedure

86.        Warrants must otherwise be returned by the holders, whether demand is made or not, as follows:--

C.C - direct to I.H.Q.

Commissioners - to the C.C.

District and Group Scouters - to the L.A. Secretary or if so directed, to the D.C. or C.C.

who will in turn, forward the warrant to I.H.Q.

and occasions

in any of the following circumstances:--

(1.)       On a warrant ceasing to be effective under Rules 60-61.

(2.)       Where a recommendation for cancellation is made to I.H.Q. under Rule 76.

(3.)       During any suspension of, or affecting, the holder, under Rule 79, but in this case the warrant is to be retained by the C.C., D.C., of L.A. Secretary to whom it is returned, until the matter is determined.

Report by C.C.

87.        The C.C. on returning a warrant to I.H.Q. for any reason must report the circumstances.

Report by L.A. Secretary

88.        The L.A. Secretary, when returning the warrant of any District or Group Scouter, must attach a report on Form W and where the circumstances are such as to show that the person concerned is in any way unfit to have charge of the boys, the report must be sent to I.H.Q. through the C.C.


89.        If in any question relating to a warrant, the L.A. and D.C. are unable to agree, the matter must be referred to the C.C. who will decide it and, where it appears that a person is undesirable, will report this decision to I.H.Q.


90.        (i)      Where a Scouter changes his rank in the same Group, or takes up work with another Group or in another L.A., the case must be treated as a cancellation of the former warrant, which must be returned for that purpose.  An application for the issue of a new warrant must be made in the ordinary way.

(ii)      The new address of any Scouter leaving a District should be entered on Form W by the L.A. Secretary in order that I.H.Q. may be able to inform the D.C. of the District to which the Scouter is going.






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