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Seizure Type

Sample of Seizure Type 

THE GEMS or MUSTAPHA: A sealed envelope is given to each of the two team leaders to be opened at a specified spot at a specified time. Each envelope contains a marked map sketch, and one only of the following two messages: 

Message for TEAM I 
(to be opened at "I" on map). 

Story: We are the Luxor Desert Police. The rich Arabian merchant, Mustapha, has come to us and has asked for an escort to take him through the desert. He carries with him a treasure of gems (a packsack filled with leaves) and has learned that the notorious bandit Ali Baba is on the rampage. Our spies have discovered that Ali Dabs' s right-hand man (with turban) still carries with him the loot from the bandits' last robbery (also a packsack with leaves). 

Object: We shall escort Mustapha with his treasure safely from Aswan (I on map) to Kharga (II on map). And while we are out in the desert we shall also use the opportunity to destroy the robbers and recover their loot. 


Mustapha brought to Kharga = 10 points 
Mustapha's treasure brought to Kharga = 20 points 
Ali Baba's right-hand man caught = 10 points 
Ali Baba's loot brought to Kharga = 20 points 
Each opponent captured = 2 points 

Special Rules: (Method of capture). Mustapha wears a neckerchief turban. He must carry his treasure throughout. If treasure is captured it may be recaptured. Game starts at (time). Stops at (time). Troop gathers at (place) at (time). 

Message for TEAM II 
(to be opened at "II" on map). 

Story: I am Ali Baba, and you are my gang of desert bandits. We have learned that Muptapha the rich merchant who always wears a turban, is going to travel through the desert. He carries with him a treasure of gems (a packsack filled with leaves) and has therefore asked the Luxor Desert Police for an escort. But that does not scare us. We have another important job before us. The loot from our last robbery (also a packsack with leaves) which is carried by Ben, my right-hand an must be brought to safety. 

Object: We shall steal Mustapha's treasure and destroy the police. And also, we shall bring Ben and our loot from here ("II" on map) to our secret hide-out right in the town of Aswan ("I" on map). 

Score: Ben brought to Aswan = 10 points 
Ben's loot brought to Aswan = 20 points 
Mustapha captured = 10 points 
Mustapha's treasure brought to Aswan = 20 points 
Each policeman captured = 2 points 

Special Rules: (Method of capture). Ben wears a neckerchief turban. He must carry the loot throughout. If it is captured it may be recaptured. Game starts at (time). Stops at (time). Troop gathers at (place) at (time).

Variations of Seizure Type 

bulletTHE OPIUM SMUGGLERS: One team is smugglers, the other border police. The smugglers attempt to carry their "opium" to a certain spot, and at the same time take away from the policemen much-needed weapons and ammunition. The policemen try to get the "opium" and keep the smugglers from taking their weapons. "Opium" and, "weapons" are carried in one or two packsacks.
bulletTHE THREE MUSKETEERS: one team is The Three Musketeers and their helpers, the other Cardinal Richelieu and his men. The Musketeers are on their way to Buckingham in England with a code message from the Queen in Paris when they learn that the Cardinal's men have stolen the secret code from Buckingham and are proceeding toward Paris with it. The Cardinal's men in turn have discovered that the Musketeers have a message which decoded would help Richelieu gain his aims. The Musketeers attempt to get the code and the code message both to Buckingham, while the other team tries to get them to Paris. Count extra if the team brings in the decoded message. Code and message are written on large pieces of heavy paper and enclosed in cardboard mailing tubes, to be carried in full view. 
bulletTHE SACRIFICE To BALA: The teams are two tribes of Australian Bushmen. Each has an idol to whom must be sacrificed a human offering of a child of the enemy tribe. The braves of each tribe have successfully stolen a child from the village of the enemy and are bringing it home when they are informed that the enemy has a child from their village. Each team of braves, of course, wants to rescue the stolen child of its own tribe and also bring home for its idol the enemy child. The "child" is a dummy (a stuffed sack) which must be carried on a stretcher.

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