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by William Tomkins

Words of Similar Meaning to Basic Word Signs Contained in the Foregoing Work

    ABANDONED-divorced, thrown away, displaced, deserted, forsaken.
    ABOARD-sitting down, on top of.
    ABUSE-Scold, ill-treat, upbraid, defame, detract.
    ACCOMPANY-with, escort.
    ACCOST-hail, salute, interrogate.
    ACHE-physical pain, sick.
    ACROSS-on the other side of, to cross, to pass over.
    ADD-join, increase, -put to.
    ADVANCE-move, march.
    ADVANCE GUARD-scout, before, ahead, foremost, to be in front.
    AFRAID-shrink from, cowardly, suspicious, temerity, dread, nervous, fearful.
    AFRAID OF NO ONE-brave, courageous, lion-hearted, fearless.
    AFTER-since, by and by, later.
    AID-assist, counsel, advice, help.
    AIM, TO-point at.
    ALIKE-same, even.
    ALIVE-living, above ground, breathing.
    ALL GONE-wiped out, consumed.
    ALLIANCE-co-operation, confederacy, league.
    AMBITIOUS-aspire after, long for, desire, crave.
    AMONG-in the midst of, commingle.
    ANCESTORS-progenitors, forefathers.
    ANGRY-mad, rageful, savage, quarrelsome, ill-tempered, passionate.
    ANNOY-disturb, agitate, trouble.
    APPAREL-dress, clothing.
    ARISE-start up, rise.
    ARRANGE-plan, settle, adjust.
    ARRIVE HERE-reach here, come to a place, return
    ASHAMED-humbled, abashed, diffident, mortified.
    ASTONISH-surprise, astound, awe.
    ASTRAY-lost, deceived, wander.
    ATTACK-assault, storm, fall upon, march against, advance against, fire at
    ATTEMPT-try, endeavor, strive.
    -shun, pass by, elude.
    BACON-fat, greasy.
    BAD-mean, wrong, vile, detestable.
    BARRACKS-soldiers' house.
    BASHFUL-diffident, modest, youthful, shy, timid.
    BATTLE-volley firing, engagement.
    BEAUTIFUL-good face, fine, handsome, pretty.
    BEFORE (in time)-prior to, previously, anterior.
    BELOW-beneath, under.
    BET-wager, gamble, raffle, stake.
    BEYOND-other side of.
    BIG-great, wide, large, broad.
    BITTER-unpalatable, unsavory, nasty, ill-flavored, sour.
    BLESS YOU-thank, pray for, gratitude.
    BOIL, TO-bubble, stew, cook.
    BRAND, TO-mark, figure.
    BRAVE-fearless, daring, bold, heroic.
    BREAK-sunder, rend.
    BROOK-small stream.
    BURY-rite, sepulture.
    BUY-purchase, procure, bargain.
    BY AND BY-wait.
    CACHE-conceal, hide away.
    CALL-to name, known as, summon, cry out, invite.
    CAMP-village, bivouac.
    CANDID-sincere, honorable, frank, open, straightforward, undisguised.
    CANNOT-impossible, will not do, beyond power.
    CANYON-gorge, defile, chasm, gap.
    CHARGE-assault, attack, onslaught, storm.
    CHEAT-steal, fraud, deceit.
    CHIEF-leader, headman, partisan, great, distinguished, renowned, famous.
    CHILD-youth, progeny, issue, offspring.
    CHOP-cut up, hew, divide.
    CLOSE-near, internate, compact, compress.
    COLD-chill, frigid.
    COLOR-tinge, hue, stain.
    COME-approach, draw near.
    CONCEAL-cover, disguise, secrete, hide.
    COWARD-poltroon, dastard.
    CRAZY-mad, foolish, doting, flighty.
    CROSS-sulky, ill-tempered.
    CROSS (to)-ford, go over.
    CRY-shed tears, desire, suffer.
    CUNNING-subtle, sly, wily.
    DECEIVE-lead astray. F
    DEFAME-slander, vilify.
    DEFY-hatred, abhorrence, defiance, threaten.
    DESTROY-waste, demolish.
    DIE-expire, depart.
    DISGUST-weary, dislike.
    DISTANT-remote, far away.
    DISTRIBUTE-give, divide.
    DO-work, act, attend to.
    DOCTOR-medicine-man, physician, priest, juggler.
    DRESS-apparel, clothing.
    DUMB-mute, silent, still.
    EFFORT-trial, attempt, essay
    END-finish, close, stop.
    EQUAL-same, even.
    ESCAPE-elude, evade.
    EXCHANGE-trade, barter, bargain, purchase, sell, dispose of, traffic.
    EXTERMINATE-destroy, wipe out, eradicate, consume, sweep away, ravage, annihilate, extinguish.
    FAME-renowned, celebrated.
    FAST-swift, pass by.
    FEAST-meal, repast.
    FEW-compressed, close, crowded, near together.
    FIGHT-skirmish, outbreak, battle, encounter.
    FINISHED-ended, done.
    FIX-settle, arrange, determine.
    FOND-love, regard, liking.
    FOOL-stupid, unwise, indiscreet, rash, silly.
    FORT-barracks, post, garrison.
    FRAGRANT-perfume, sweet-smelling, balmy.
    FRIEND-companion, comrade, partner.
    GALLOP-lope, canter, ride.
    GAP-mountain pass, depression, defile, ravine.
    GENEROUS-good-hearted, big-hearted, liberal, hospitable, noble.
    GIVE-grant, bestow.
    GLAD-heart good.
    GO-depart, leave.
    GOD-mystery, medicine.
    GRAVE-tomb, burial-place.
    GREAT-wide, broad, large.
    HAIL-ice, sleet.
    HALT-stop, pause, stand still.
    HANG (to)-suspend, pendant from.
    HARD-difficult, firm, brave, unfeeling, inexorable.
    HELP-work with, assist, support.
    HIDE (to)-secretly, privately, confidentially, lost, hidden away.
    HOLD-detain, stop, limit, keep, retain.
    HOMELY-bad face.
    HUNT-search, look for.
    HURRY-hasten, expedite.
    IMPRISON-confine, lock up, bind.
    INFERIOR-lower, behind, minor, subordinate, secondary.
    INJURE-harm, hurt.
    INTERROGATE-question, attract attention, ask, inquire, examine.
    JOYOUS-glad, light-hearted.
    KEEP-remember, hold on to, retain, guard, keep close, near.
    KEEP QUIET-fear not, quiet down.
    KNOW-understand, comprehend.
    LARGE-great, capacious.
    LIE-to mistake, invent, false, fabrication, fiction.
    LIKE-same, even, similar, resemble.
    LISTEN-hear, pay attention to.
    LIVE-reside, dwell, exist.
    LONG TIME-always.
    LOOK-inspect, see, view, behold.
    LOVE-esteem, liking, affection.
    MANY-crowd, numerous, host, much.
    MANY TIMES-often, repeat.
    MEAN-small-hearted, stingy, selfish, miserly, penurious, shabby, greedy, rapacious,sordid, niggardly, low.
    MEDICINE-mysterious, unknown, holiness, luck, vision, dream, fortune, chance.
    MEDICINE-MAN-physician, prophet, juggler, dreamer, priest, magician, conjurer,seer, wizard, soothsayer, charmer.
    MEET (to)-come together.
    MEMORY-heart knows.
    MISLEAD-deceive, lead astray.
    MISS (to)-pass by,
    MIX-blend, mingle.
    MONEY-currency, cash, specie.
    MOURN-grieve, cry for, lament, bewail,
    NAME-called, cognomen.
    NEAR-close by, contiguous, adjacent.
    NOTIFY-tell, talk to.
    NOW-present time, today.
    OATH-Vow, to swear.
    OBEY-listen to, pay attention to.
    OLD-decrepit, aged, infirm.
    PARTNER-brother, comrade.
    PAYMASTER-money chief.
    PEAK-apex, summit, tip, crest.
    PERHAPS-to be possible, may be, doubtful, contingent.
    PITY (to pity some one else)-sympathize, compassion, mercy, tender.
    PLANT-to farm.
    POOR-poverty, indigence, want, distress, destitute, pinched.
    POOR-emaciated, weak, sinewless, wasted, leanness, puny, thin, starved, shrunk, skinny.
    PRAY-supplicate, ask, beg, request, petition, demand, implore, entreat, address, importune.
    PRIVATE-secretly, confidentially, in confidence, sacredly.
    PROUD-vain, conceited.
    PUSH-must, try.
    QUARREL-scold, disputatious.
    QUIET DOWN-subdue, silence.
    RACE-to run, contest.
    RAPIDS-swift-flowing waters.
    RASH-foolish, brave, reckless, careless, adventurous
    REACH-arrive there.
    REMEMBER-hold on to.
    RESTRAIN-hold, confine, restrict.
    RETREAT-flee from, escape.
    RING-finger ornament.
    RISING MAN-chief.
    ROAD-trail, way, route, pack, course.
    ROPE-cord, line.
    RUN AGAINST-stumble.
    SACRED-divine, holy, mysterious.
    SAD-mournful, dejected, disappointed.
    SADDLE (to)-to pack.
    SCOLD-quarrel, find fault with.
    SCOUT-advance-guard, picket, sentinel.
    SCOUT (to)-search, watch, to trail, follow, hunt.
    SEARCH-examine, scrutiny.
    SEIZE-grasp, imprison, find.
    SEPARATE-diverge, branch off, to part, wander from.
    SEW-fasten, stitch, tack.
    SHARP-cutting edge, edge-tool.
    SHOOT-fire at, discharge.
    SICK-ill, infirm, indisposed, suffer, diseased.
    SILENT-dumb, close one's mouth, taciturn.
    SIT-here, remain, stay, wait, rest.
    SLEEP-rest, lie down.
    SLOW-loiter, behindhand.
    SMALL-short, low.
    SMOOTH-even, level.
    SOUR-acid , tart.
    SPEAK-talk, tell, say, relate.
    SPY-scout, hunt, look.
    STINGY-mean, penurious
    STOP-halt, wait.
    STRAIGHT-true, -direct.
    STRONG-brave, vigorous, hearty, powerful.
    SUPERIOR-greater, higher, above.
    SURROUND-encircle, concentrate.
    TAKE-appropriate, capture, catch, dispossess, confiscate, seize.
    TALK-converse, speak, tell.
    TASTE-flavor, sapidity.
    TEEPEE-lodge, wigwam, tent.
    THERE-at that place.
    THINK-believe, opine, look upon, regard.
    TIMBER-forest, trees.
    TIRED-weary, fatigued, postrated, faint, exhausted, overtasked.
    TRADER-storekeeper, salesman.
    TRAIL (to)-follow, search, look for, pursue, hunt.
    TROUBLE-anxious, disturbed, restless, annoyed.
    TRUE-straightforward, honest, reliable, candid.
    UGLY-bad face, ill-favored, repulsive.
    UNCERTAIN-doubtful, precarious.
    UNLUCKY-unfortunate, bad.
    VIGILANT-attention, heedful, watchful.
    VILLAGE-camp, town.
    WANT-wish, desire.
    WEAK-tired, feeble.
    WHEN-at what time.
    WHERE-at what place.
    WHITES-people not indigenous to America.
    WICKEY-UP-temporary shelter,
    WIPED OUT-exterminated.
    WISE-shrewd, sagacious, sharp, clever, keen, sound, long-headed
    WRAP-fold, pack up.

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