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1887-The Mountain Chant, a Navaho Ceremony, by Dr. Washington Matthews, 5th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, pp. 379-467.

1892-The Medicine Men of the Apache, by John G. Bourke, 9th Annual Report Bureau of Ethnology, pp. 451-495.

1892-Ethnological Results of the Point Barrow Expedition, by John Murdoch, 9th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, pp. 19-441.

1893-Dakota Grammar, Texts and Ethnology, by Stephen Return Riggs, Contributions to North American Ethnology, Vol. IX.

1893-Land of Poco Tiempo, by Charles F. Lummis, Charles Scribner's Sons.

1894-Indian Songs, by Alice C. Fletcher, Century Magazine, Jan.

1894-A Study of Indian Music, by John Comfort Fillmore, Century Magazine, Feb.

1896-The Menominee Indians, by Walter James Hoffman, 14 Annual Report Bureau Ethnologi, Part I, pp. 11-328.

1896-The Ghost Dance Religion, by James Mooney, 14th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, Part II, pp. 641-1136.

1899-The Eskimo About Bering Strait, by Edward W. Nelson, 18th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, Part I, pp. 19-518.

X900-Indian Story and Song from North America, by Alice C. Fletcher, Small, Maynard Rc Co.

1902-1927-The Birch Bark Rolls of Woodcraft, by Ernest Thompson Seton.

1904-The Hako: A Pawnee Ceremony, by Alice C. Fletcher, 22nd Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, Part II, pp. 13-372.

1905-The Cheyenne, The Sun Dance, II, by George A. Dorsey, Field Columbian Museum, Publication 103, Vol. IX, No. 2. .

1906-Geronimo's Song, by Frances Densmore, Indian School journal April.

1907-Handbook of the American Indians, Bull. 30, Part I, Bureau of American Ethnology, edited by Frederick W. Hodge.

1907-The Indians' Book, by Natalie Curtis, Harper & Bros.

1908-A National Movement for American Music, by Arthur Farwell, Review of Reviews, Dec.

1909-Scale Formation in Primitive Music, by Frances Densmore, American Anthropologist, Jan.March.

1909-American Primitive Music, by Frederick R. Burton, Moffat, Yard & Co.

1910-Handbook of the American Indians, Bull. 30, Part II, Bureau of American Ethnology, edited by Frederick W. Hodge.

1910-Chippewa Music, by Frances Densmore, Bull. 45, Bureau Ethnology.

1911-North American Indian Folklore Music, prepared by Rev. William Brewster Humphrey, pub. by American Indian League, N. Y.

1911-The Omaha Tribe, by Alice C. Fle,cher, and Francis La i'lesche, 27th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, pp. 15-672.

1911-Native Melodies, collected by Rev. William Brewster Humphrey, pub. by Young People's Missionary Movement, N. Y.

1911-Soul of the Indian, by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Houghton, Mifflin Co.

1912-Astronomy with an Opera Glass, by Garrett P. Serviss. Appleton.

1912-Indians of the Terraced Houses, by Charles F. Saunders, G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1913-Chippewa Music, 11, by Frances Densmore, Bull. 53, Bureau Ethnology.

1915-Indian Games and Dances, with Native Songs, by Alice C. Fletcher, C. C. Birchard dt Co.

1916-Music in its Relation to the Religious Thought of the Teton Sioux, by Frances Densmore, Holmes Anniversary Volume, Wash.

1917-Ccremonics of the Ponio lodiaos, by Samuel A. Barrett, Univ. of Calif. Press, Amer. Arch, do I'th., Vol. X11, No. 10.

191H-Tcton Sioux Mow, by Fwntc% Drii,iniorc, Bull. 61, Bureau Ethnology.

1921--Indian Music. by I'rantc% Dctismotc. Nwiro American, March 26th.

1922--The Scientific Aesthetic of the Redman, by Marsden Hartley, Art & Archaeology, March, pp. 113--119. 

1922--Native American Artists, by Dr. Edgar L. Hewett, Art F> Archaeology, March, pp. 103--112. 

1922--Indian Action Songs, by Frances Densmore. 

1922--Northern Ute Music, by Frances Densmore, Bull. 75, Bureau Ethnology. 

1923--Mandan and Hidatsa Music, by Frances Densmore, Bull. 80, Bureau Ethnology. 

1923--Taking the Indianism out of the Indian, Literary Digest, April 28th. 

1923--The Dance Rituals of the Pueblo Indians, by Alice C. Henderson, Theatre Arts Monthly, April. 

1923--The American Rhythm, by Mary Austin, Harcourt, Brace & Co. 

1924--From Desert and Pueblo, collected and transcribed by Elizabeth W. De Huff and Homer Grunn. 

1924--The Dance of the Sprouting Corn, by D. H. Lawrence, Theatre Arts Monthly, July. 

1924--The Hopi Snake Dance, by D. H. Lawrence, Theatre Arts Monthly, Dec. 

1925--Manitou Masks, by Hartley B. Alexander, E. P. Dutton & Co. 

1925--The Osage Tribe Rite of Vigil, by Francis La Flesche, 39th Annual Report Bureau Ethnology, pp. 31--636. 

1926--Tribal Dancing and Social Development by Wilfred D. Hambly, Witherby. 

1926--The American Ballet, by Ted Shawn, Henry Holt & Co. 

1926--The American Indians and their Music, by Frances Densmore, Woman's Press. 

1926--The Fiesta Book, Papers of the School of American Research, pp. 44--57. 

1926--Acoma, the Sky City, by Mrs. William T. Sedgwick, Harvard Univ. Press. 

1927--How Fire was Brought to the Navaho Indians, by lna Sizes Cassidy, Sesame Pub. Co., Vienna--Leipzig. 

1927--Indian Music from the Southwest, by Helen Roberts, Natural History Mag., May--June, pp. 257--265. 

1928--Long Lance by Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance, Cosmopolitan Book Corp. 

1928--Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore, by Julian H. Salomon, Harper & Bros. 

1928--Desert Drums, by Leo Crane, Little, Brown & Co. 

1929--Indian Stories from the Pueblos, by Frank G. Applegate, J. B. Lippincott Co. 

1929--The Rain Makers, by Mary Roberts Coolidge, Houghton, Miff[in Co. 

1929--Papago Music, by Frances Densmore, Bull. 90, Bureau Ethnology.

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